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Letters from our Fans!

Thanks, again, for the hospitality and courtesies you guys extended to me yesterday!! It's always a pleasure to see you two, and as usual, your performance was great! I meeting and hearing Charlie.......he's quite a guy. Hope to see you again soon.......I'll have to get out to the Roadhouse one of these days and enjoy your company when ya'all ain't so busy with the show. Best regards. ---Tom W. via the internet

Had a blast. Your band was very tight. New Jersey joke very funny. Thank you for giving Tay the opportunity to be on stage. It all helps. I would have liked more of Pat Garret singing and less Twitty band and that is not to suck up, you guys were on tonight and I think you could have accomplished anything.---Scott S. via the Internet

My name is Jeff and I'm from Lancaster County. Years ago, I would listen to the Pat Garrett Band at the Oregon Hotel outside of Lancaster. Yesterday, was the first time that I visited the music amphitheater in Strausstown. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Charlie Daniels has always been one of my favorite performers...he never disappoints. My first CDB concert was at the old Astre Theater in Reading...October 1979. He plays with same "fever" today as he did back then. Thanks again...enjoyed the show. ---Jeff S. via the Internet

Whew! I think I'm actually returning to normal! I wanted to write you earlier than today about last Saturday's show. It was AWESOME!!! I had heard some rumors about a Charlie Daniels Band show being wild but I never expected the Fiddlin' Fury I got to see!

I also wanted to thank you for having the karaoke every week and letting a few of us shine on your stage. Just in case you don't recognize the e-mail name, it's just me Amanda. I also wanted to let you know that Saturday was a great opportunity for me. Since then, I've had my first radio airplay!!! 89.7 fm, WDVR from Sergeantsville, NJ played "Can't Stop Myself From Loving You" off of my CD!!! I was able to find many contacts into the music world and it felt real good to get my feet wet like that. You should be proud of your establishment and what it has done for everyone in our region. Not only do you give some of the rising talent in the area a chance to sing before Legends in Country Music but, people from our area know they have a clean place to come to where they can enjoy not only the best French fries in the world!---Mandy F. via the Internet 

My husband & I were at the concert last night. It was our first time there and we enjoyed it very much. It is a shame that some people can't understand English when you told them to use there are bags for garbage and leave everything lay. We used to have parties and live bands at our house and the people started doing the same thing. Needless to say we stopped it. Again thank you for a lovely evening and we will come again. Do you have a schedule for next year yet? If you do let me know. You can email me or send it to me. ---Louise S. via the Internet 

Good morning, I was in your backyard yesterday to see "The Man". We were there for all the other bands. What a show it was G-R-E-A-T. I am looking forward to other shows and will pass the word on to all my friends about how great your lil treasure is there in Strausstown.---Colette & Wayne D. via the Internet

Thank you all for the patriotic song you wrote...I am proud you and your group are "standing up" for America, as you share and encourage true patriotism! God Bless you all and our Nation as well!--Audrey M., Berwick, PA

We really enjoyed Pat Garrett's song, "If You Love America". I would like to get 4 copies of this song for my mother, son daughter and myself. Thanks for writing such a great song! --Lydia-Ann G., Unityville, PA

"If You Love America", Great Recording! --Tom S., Laureldale, PA

I saw you perform at the "Bloomsburg Fair". Please send a copy of "If You Love America"..The performance was spectacular and that song really impressed so many people! You are a great American!--Grace H., Pottsville, PA

Please mail a copy of "If You Love America"....You did a wonderful job recording this record! --Dawn S., Sinking Springs, PA 

Please accept our donation to the Red Cross. We are proud to make this donation and extremely proud of Pat and Suzy Garret for giving their time to create this project. Please pass along our congratulations to them and their gang for being wonderful Americans. --Angel White, The Carpenter's Tools

It was a pleasure having Pat Garrett and Suzy Dalton at the Bloomsburg Fair. Your show was enjoyed by everyone, and we would recommend you to any fair looking for good entertainment. --Frederick Trump, President Bloomsburg Fair

The show was super! It was full of energy, humor, and talent. Your willingness to mix with the group and have fun was appreciated by everyone......They are still talking about Pat Garrett. --Robert W. MacDonald, Chairman and CEO LifeUSA 

You and your entire group did a tremendous was most interesting how you were able to get some of our business leaders to sing in front of the other leaders... You have a great talent of making the audience feel comfortable and participating in the show. --Bunny McClellan, Membership Director, Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Pat, you do something different every year. My guests love you! Eugene Lilley, President --NGK Metals 

You are a true professional and your performance as well as those of your troupe reflected your exceptional talents....I would be happy to recommend you to any client or associate looking for an excellent country show. --Barbara Lee Cohen, Barbara Lee Cohen Productions USA

I was indeed present for your performance at the Riveredge and we enjoyed your performance immensely........but every time we tried to approach you, you were surrounded by too many adoring fans! --Cary Ragsdale, Gotta Dance Magazine

Pat and the gang certainly put a lot of energy and zest in their shows! Melissa Piper Nelson --Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association

Pat Garrett and his band are a very cooperative group of first class musicians who go to great lengths to please their audience. --Carol Salvatore, President, Country & Western Dancers of Reading, PA

Letters From Amphitheater Customers

I just wanted to write and say that my friend and I had a great time at tanya tucker even in the rain. we both felt we definitely got our money's worth of entertainment and that all the acts did their best to keep us in good spirits up on stage while it was raining on us. the food was reasonably priced, the sound was great, the people were friendly and it was an all around fun time. we will be back for George Jones in august and will keep coming back every year as long as you keep booking great shows. thanks again -Via the Internet -Brian 

John Anderson - what can I say. One of my husband's true favorites. Such a unique, wonderful voice and easygoing style. We were thrilled to see him. What a show!

Enjoyed your great band twice now. Never was able to get over to the Bucks County Marketplace to see you (which is only 5 minutes away). So we decided to drive nearly 2 hours (twice) to see you. You're very much worth it.

We got some pamphlets and are spreading the word. We miss the Music Fair so much since they knocked it down and put up a supermarket (with a parking lot!) But have made Pat Garrett's Amphitheater our new place to hang out. Keep up the good work AND the great music!!! --Via the internet --buddj 

Hello! I want to first say that I was at the Steve Wariner show on the 19th!, and I absolutely loved your amphitheater! So many times I've been to concerts in big arenas and they are so impersonal - not the case with your place! Of course I love Steve, and I love the fact that he interacts with the audience as he does. Your cozy amphitheater really gave him the opportunity to do that, and it was the best concert that I've seen of his so far. I hope you will have him back real soon! I'm not from the area, so I was not familiar with Pat and his family as I'm sure much of the audience was, but he really made everyone feel welcome and right at home. I'm sure no matter who I would see there in concert, I would enjoy it! Hopefully I can make it back again soon!--Harrisonville, PA
--Laura D.


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